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Fake Email Confirmation

One technique that spammers and phishers are using to compromise your computer is sending out fake emails for billing confirmations or fake membership confirmations. Here is one example of such an email.
fakeEmailbillSPAM [1]

Epic Touch spam filtering may not identify the message as SPAM because the message is more of a FAKE message and does not have enough SPAM tendencies that can be identified using software. Yet a closer look at the email you will see that it is a FAKE message.

First check the To: address and it will normally not be the same address of the recipient.

Secondly, the recipient has to ask,”Did I post anything on craigslist?” If not, the message is a fake. If so, and yet you have doubts about the message validity. It is best to open a web browser and go to the website for “craiglist”(in this case) and check the status of your postings or billing. Do not click links in the email or open attachments.
And finally, the email will ask the user to open an attachment or to click a website link. Both actions will allow the spammer, in most cases, to compromise the users computer. It is best to verify that that an email is legitimate before opening any attachments or website links sent via email.Many of these types of emails have a since of urgency that is by design of the spammer. The hope is that a recipient curiosity would make them feel that they need to act or react to the information. Again, do not click links in the email or the attachments. Go to the site by another means and delete the email.