Export Contacts from previous Email System

These directions are for email subscribers that want to export contacts from the email system that was removed from service on May 5th. This option to retrieve your contacts from the previous website will be not be available after May 2020.

  1. Login to the website http://legacymail.elkhart.com (Graphics images may be replaced with the default IPSwitch>Imail branding.)

  1. On the Contacts menu bar click “Export Contacts”

  1. On the Export Contacts dialog windows select the “Export Contacts”


  1. Save the file

a. Click the radio button for Save File.

b. Click OK.

  1. Locate the save file and store it in a safe place.

This example is using the Firefox browser and so your saved file may appear under a different icon or at the bottom of your browser window. Also, if you do not have Excel, then the saved file icon will be a notepad icon or some other text editor.

To import into the new email system check out this guide.


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