Please use caution when Whitelisting(Safelisting) an email address since an email address can be spoofed(see

Steps to SAFELIST an Email Address

  1. Access your email account at https:\\
  2. Find Address Books>Contacts on the Left Menu
  3. Add the email address as a contact by at a minimum entering the First Name, Last Name and Email Address. The Contacts you add will be allowed to be delivered to you via your INBOX even while they are marked [SPAM?].
  4. Use caution when engaging these emails since the email address could possible be Spoofed.
  5. An email has two email addresses.  The one that you visually see in the FROM of the email. There is a hidden email address that is called the Envelope or Actual email address the servers use to exchange emails. If a FROM email account is added to your contacts and yet emails are still showing up in the Junk E-Mail folder, you will need to review the email HEADER to get the Envelope or Actual email address that sent the email. (Email clients, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc each have a different method on how to view the HEADER information. You can use your favorite search engine with the search phrase like Outlook 2013 Header steps  or something similar to find the steps on how to view the HEADER information.


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