1. Insert the Roku Streaming Stick into an available HDMI port on the TV.

          Connect to power using the provided USB power adapter or using the TV’s USB port.



  1. Open the battery cover and insert the included batteries



  1. Using your TV’s remote, use the “input” or “source” button to find the correct HDMI port the Roku Stick is inserted in. This screen will appear when the right source is selected.



  1. This screen will appear followed shortly by the one in Step 5



  1. This screen is showing you the instructions on how to pair the remote referencing that underneath the battery cover on the body of the remote is a button. Press this button to pair the remote with your Roku Streaming Stick.



  1. After the remote pairs, this screen will appear. Push “OK” on the remote to choose English or use the navigation arrows on the remote to choose another language.



  1. Click “OK” to get started setting up your Roku Streaming Stick



  1. Click “OK” on “Set up a new Wi-Fi Connection”



  1. The Roku Streaming Stick will now search for available wireless networks.



  1. Select your wireless network name.



  1. Use the navigation keys and “OK” key to enter the password for your wireless network.



  1. As the Roku Streaming Stick is connecting to your network, this box will appear showing you the progress.



  1. After the first network connection, the Roku Streaming Stick will look for an available software update. If one is found, click “OK” on the remote to continue.



  1. Software is downloading and will automatically install. Once the installation is complete, the Roku Streaming stick will restart.



  1. Once the Roku Streaming Stick restarts, this screen will appear with a random code. You will use this code to link your new or existing Roku account to the Roku Streaming Stick.



  1. Setting up your Roku account for purchases. Open a web browser on your computer



  1. Once the browser is open, type in https://owner.roku.com/Login/ on the address bar at the top of the screen and hit Enter.



  1. Click on “Create Account” near the center of the screen.



  1. Fill in the fields provided in the screen with your first name, last name, email address & password. When you’re done, hit “Next.”


  1. The next screen will prompt you to set up your billing account, simply fill in the required information like your name and credit card details or PayPal details.



  1. Type in the code displayed on your TV screen into the Link Code field on the website.


The setup on the Roku is now complete, and your Roku is now ready as it will tell you on the screen. Press “OK” on the Roku remote, and you will be taken to your Roku home screen.



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