Nothing is more frustrating than having some free time to stream your favorite show, only to experience problems connecting or staying connected.  This article identifies the key components that could be the cause of such frustration and possible action that you can take to have a more enjoyable experience.

  • your wireless router
  • your streaming device (AppleTV, Roku,etc)
  • your streaming service (Netflix, Hulu,etc)
  • your subscribed bandwidth package with EPICTOUCH
  • EPICTOUCH’s broadband connection

First Step

EPICTOUCH, and most streaming device and service vendors suggest your first step to troubleshoot an issue of not being able to connect or stay connected is to restart(power-cycle) your home network components.  These components include your streaming device, and your home router. If you are using a switch, it too should be restarted. Leave the power off these devices for 60 seconds.

Cannot Connect to the Internet

After the restart of your home components, if you do not have any type of Internet connectivity from your devices, this article, I cannot connect to the Internet!, gives additional steps to troubleshoot your home network. You can contact EPICTOUCH at 697-2111 for service support. During business hours a Customer Service Representative will begin the process of getting you the needed support for the issue.  After business hours, you will be able to leave a voice message explaining your issues for the Internet tech. The tech will review your service connection from the office and if requested, a tech will contact you to assist you with the issue or setup a time to work the issue with you.

Streaming with a Wireless Connection

If you are wireless connecting your streaming device to your home router, if possible, use a direct wired connection.

If a wired connection is not possible, try these steps for improve your wireless connectivity as recommended by Netflix. 

  • Move your router to a new location to improve signal strength–you’ll usually see better reception throughout your home if the router is in a central location.
  • Wireless interference can cause big problems when trying to connect over Wi-Fi. Cordless phones, microwave ovens, or other wireless devices near your router can all cause wireless interference, so move them away from your wireless router.
  • Elevate your router off the floor. A router on top of a bookshelf or desk will give you better reception than one that’s hidden behind it.

Streaming Vendor Service Issues

Streaming vendors have massive and dynamically changing networks to service their customers.   For instance, if your streaming vendor lost power or connectivity to a key Content Delivery Network(CDNs) on the east coast their network could automatically forward requests to the CDNs serving the southwest(us). These southwest CDNs would possible have issue meeting the higher number of streaming requests and thus we experience substandard streaming experience. (This illustration is similar to airports having to transfer flights to alternate airports because their airport can not have landings due to weather or other issues.  Thus the alternate airports will have a greater volume of traffic and the redirection will cause issues for passengers at other airports waiting on connecting flights.)

This article shows how Netflix does tweak their CDN and in some cases cause issues for ISPs.

EPICTOUCH’s Bandwidth Package

For some users your subscribed bandwidth package may not be sufficient to allow the best streaming experience.  Here are some related articles on this topic.

EPICTOUCH’s Support Services

EPICTOUCH wants you to have an enjoyable experience with your EPICTOUCH Internet. If you are experiencing issues with your EPICTOUCH service or have questions about the content of this article, please reach out to EPICTOUCH at 697-2111. We have trained technicians that will work with you to provide a solution or just visit about how to get the most of out of your EPICTOUCH Internet.

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