Some things that have an effect on your local connection and speed are programs that could be running on your computer or running on other devices in your home or business network. Some of these programs might be checking for updates, such as Windows and Anti-virus programs or as in the case of game consoles downloading updates. Other programs are chat programs, weather programs, audio programs, file sharing programs, network programs, and many others. Each can be using a little piece of your broadband bandwidth. As the number of programs grow, the less bandwidth one will have other activities.

Other users or devices on your home network could be utilizing the bandwidth. A satellite DVR may be downloading a movie or a family member may be streaming their favorite show from a mobile device while you are trying to stream from your smart TV. Also, an unsecured wireless router will allow bandwidth to be used by neighbors.

Here are some actions that you can be done to make sure your Broadband connection is working properly.

1.  Power-cycle* your router (if you are using one.)
2.  Reboot any computers or other network devices connected to your home network or EPICTOUCH Internet service.
3.  If you have a wireless router, make sure that wireless security is enabled. This action will keep others from using your Broadband connection and bandwidth.

*To power-cycle the router you will need to unplug the power cable from the back of the device, wait ten seconds, and then plug it back in.


EPICTOUCH‘s technicians do monitor the main connection to the Internet for quality and reliability. Some of the items out of our control are the remote site, amount of Internet traffic outside of our network, the route it took to get to the remote site and something on that route that contributes to the problem. With more people using broadband connections and the popularity of streaming, there is more of a load on the Internet than in previous years. The Terms of Service Agreement, located at, describes processes and procedures used to allow customers a more enjoyable Broadband experience

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