Your PC or router should be configured to use DHCP or ‘obtain an IP address automatically” method. Most computers or routers will have it phrased in this way. EPICTOUCH‘s service does not use PPOE or require a username and password.

With DHCP, your computer or router will be assigned the correct information when it first connects to EPICTOUCH‘s Internet service. The DHCP server will automatically assign an IP address, DNS server address, and a default gateway address to your computer or router. If you would like a static IP, please connect a customer service representative at 697-2111 for more information about obtaining a static IP.

Most routers will ship with the correct method that will allow you to connect the router to EPICTOUCH‘s service and have Internet access. You will need to access the router to setup any security you would like to have. It is best to setup your router using the manually process and avoid the wizard. It has been found that using the router’s install disk or wizard for connection usually fails to make the correct connection.

Each customer is assigned only one public IP address per service address. If you have more devices that need connected, than you will need to purchase a router and create a home network. The router will allow many private IP address for devices within the home and will have one public IP address for the devices to share for Internet connection.

Please, note: Once a device in the home has been assigned the public IP address, no other device can obtain a public IP address without releasing the IP from the first device. If one unplugs the Internet patch cable from the first device and wait approximately 2 hours, than the IP will automatically be released by the DHCP server.

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How does one setup a computer or router for Epic Touch’s Internet service?

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