You will use the patch cable, given at signup, to make your Broadband connection. The patch cable is similar to a phone cable yet has a thicker circumference and larger ends. One end of the cable needs to be plugged into the service jack in your home or business and the other end will be plugged into your computer or router(preferred). How to determine an internet jack from a phone jack?

When you plug the patch cable from EPICTOUCH service jack into your router, be sure to use the WAN port or INTERNET port on the router. Most router manufactures will either label this port as WAN or INTERNET port. The port may be of a different color than the other ports on the router and even be set apart from the other router ports. The other router ports are usually numbered and are called LAN (Local Area Network) ports. These numbered ports are what your home or business network equipment will be plugged into using purchased patch cables.


If after connecting your router to EPICTOUCH‘s service and you do not have access to the Internet, please checkout this article, I cannot connect to the Internet!, for troubleshooting steps. The article also gives the information for requesting EPICTOUCH support services.

*The reset button on routers will ERASE all current settings and return the router to a default shipping settings which includes an unsecured wireless network. Others will be able to use your Broadband connection without using a username and password.

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